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Composition Carbon Resistors (CCR)

Composition Carbon Resistors (CCR)

Description Performance Requirements Test Method
Resistance Temperature Coefficient Resistance Range Maximum Resistance Value Change % Test Temperature
+20°C /-40°C /+20°C /+100°C /+20°C
-40~+20°C +20~+100°C
<1KΩ ±6.5% ±5.0%
1.1KΩ ~10KΩ ±10% ±6.0%
11KΩ ~100KΩ ±13% ±7.5%
11KΩ ~1MΩ ±15% ±10%
1.1MΩ ~10MΩ ±20% ±15%
>11MΩ ±25% ±20%
Short-time Overload Δ R≤±2.5% Rate Voltage*2.5 or maximun overload voltage (the lower)5sec.
With Standing Voltage No flashover or breakdown 2times maxium working voltage 1 minute
Terminal Strength Pulled ΔR≤±2% No visible damage Load 10N 10s
Winded Load 10N 4*90°
Twisted 3*360° in opposite direction
Resistance to vibration No visible damage 10~50Hz 3 direction 2 hours each
Solder-heat Resistance ΔR≤±5% Marks legible,no visible damage 350°C 4mm from the body,3 seconds
Solderability At least 95% if the dipping surface must be covered by new solder,no flaws gathered. 235°C 2mm from the body,2 seconds
Temperature Cycle ΔR≤±2%
No visible damage
-40°C(30min.)/85°C(30min.)5 cycles
Humidity ΔR≤±10% No visible damage 40°C 95% RH 240 hours
Load Life ΔR≤±10%
No visible damage,marks legible
Rated voltage or maximum working voltage, 1.5 hours on, 0.5 hours off, 40°C 1000 hours

How to Order
1 Part Number
3 Resistance Value (Ω)
CodeResistance Value (Ω)
5 Package : P (Bulk)
2 Rated Power : 1/2W , 1/4W
4 Resistance Tolerance
CodeResistance Tolerance

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